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Quilting Machines FAQs

What Types of Machines Are There To Make Quilts?

Quiltmaking is a fun and creative sewing craft that can be done on a variety of sewing and quilting machines. Basic quilting can be done on any sewing machine as the main stitch used is the straight stitch that is found on all basic sewing machines.

More advanced quilters or those who spend many hours at their machines will benefit from choosing a designated tabletop quilting machine or even a mid-arm or long-arm quilting machine, all of which are more suited to quilting specifically and working on larger projects.

Do I Really Need A Special Sewing Machine to Do Machine Quilting?

Any good quality sewing machine can be used for basic machine quilting; however, for quilters who wish to really perfect their craft, a quilting machine specifically designed for this purpose is beneficial. Quilting machines are larger than standard sewing machines, making them easier to use for this purpose, and designed with larger motors to be more durable.

Though any sewist can learn quilt piecing and how to stitch together a quilt top on a regular sewing machine, they will appreciate the additional size and features for finishing their quilt when they move up to an actual quilting machine.

How Are Quilting Machines Different Than Standard Sewing Machines?

The main difference between a standard sewing machine and a model labeled as a quilting machine is the size and speed of the machine’s motor and some of the added features.

Quilting machines are typically made with a more durable motor that can stitch faster and for longer periods of time than a standard sewing machine used for home sewing projects.

Quilting machines also include a larger throat area and are capable of doing the most common stitches used in machine quilting, but they may not have many fancy stitches. Some also include extension tables that create a larger sewing workspace.

What Is A Sewing and Quilting Machine?

A sewing and quilting machine is a combination sewing machine that has a larger throat than a standard machine, usually 9 to 11 inches in length, and the quilting stitches and features that a tabletop quilting machine has as well as many other stitches and capabilities like a fully-equipped sewing machine.

Owners of sewing and quilting machines can do a variety of sewing and quilting activities with the same versatile machine, making them perfect choices for sewists that enjoy many different sewing crafts. While they might not be ideal for finishing large quilts due to the throat size, they are perfect for making quilt tops and quilt blocks or finishing smaller quilts with skillful handling of the fabric.

A sewist who plans on spending more time quilting than sewing will benefit greatly from moving up to an actual dedicated quilting machine.

What Is Quilting Machine Throat Size and Why Is It Important?

Throat size is the amount of space under the horizontal arm of the quilting machine between the needle and the vertical body. This space is where the project fabric feeds under the machine arm while it is being sewn. A standard sewing machine typically has a throat size of 7 to 9 inches which is suitable when sewing average-sized items.

Quilting machines of various sizes have larger throats of 11 inches or more to allow more fabric through the throat space while it is being sewn. Larger throat spaces are preferable for machine quilting as it reduces the need to bunch up the fabric to pass it under the arm.

What Is A Mid-Arm Quilting Machine?

A mid-arm quilting machine is a machine designed with a longer, taller horizontal arm that provides a longer, larger throat space. The throats on mid-arm machines range from 12 inches to 17 inches in length, leaving plenty of room to feed the fabric through when working on a quilt.

Mid-arm quilting machines are especially versatile as they can be used as a sit-down machine with an extension table, mounted into a sewing cabinet, or a stand-up machine on a quilting frame.

What Is A Long-Arm Quilting Machine?

A long-arm quilting machine is one that has a throat of 18 inches or larger, with some professional models having throats as large as 27 inches. Long-arm machines are typically mounted on a frame and used standing up, although some smaller long-arms may be able to be used sit-down in a sewing cabinet that can accommodate them.

The larger throat on these machines provides even more space for sliding fabric under the sewing arm and when used on a frame, they can be freely moved forward and back over the frame-mounted quilt, eliminating the problem of forcing bunched fabric under the machine arm.

What Is A Quilting Frame?

A quilting frame is a structure that holds the layers of the quilt fabric and batting together so that it can be stitched using a long-arm quilting machine.

Quilting frame systems can be used to hold up the quilt for stitching by a long-arm machine that is mounted to a sewing table or cabinet or they can include additional rails onto which the long-arm machine is mounted for easy back-and-forth and side-to-side maneuvering.

Setting up and working on a quilting frame requires a good deal of space for the frame and machine and most are used standing up.

What Is Free-Motion Quilting?

Free-motion quilting is when the quilter moves the needle freely over the fabric to create a freehand pattern with the thread. It requires a machine that has the ability to stitch with the feed dogs disengaged, which is a feature that comes on any machine that is designed as a quilting machine and some quilting and sewing combo machines.

Should I Replace My Standard Quilting Machine With A Mid-Arm or Long-Arm Machine?

That will depend on the types of quilts a sewist enjoys making and how large they are. Quilters who spend many hours at their machines and wish to accomplish more sewing while spending less time rolling and shifting their fabric will find that upgrading to a machine with a longer throat can be very helpful.

They will experience fewer problems with fabric shifting while they are sewing and need to stop less often to reposition the quilt while they are working on it.

What Special Features Do Quilting Machines Include?

Quilting machines include a variety of special features designed to make sewing large, multi-layered projects easier and faster. As mentioned in the above points, the quilting machine arm length and throat length are both longer to provide more space for adjusting the fabric while it is being sewn.

They come with larger, faster sewing motors, larger built-in flatbeds, extension tables, advanced fabric feed systems to stabilize stitching and produce consistent straight stitches without shifting the fabric, and other great features.

Most quilting machines also include a feature that disengages the feed dogs to allow for free-motion quilting.



How Do I Know Which Quilting Machine I Should Buy?

Buying a quilting machine requires lengthy consideration to be sure the right one is purchased. Firstly, it is a good idea that a quilter learns about the different types available and determines which features are most important to them according to the projects they work on or their aspirations to create larger, more complex quilts.

Quilters should then consider their budget and also the amount of space they have to set up their machine. Those with smaller budgets and smaller spaces might consider a high-end short-arm or mid-end machine for moving up from a standard sewing or combination model.

Fortunately, there are many wonderful mid-range options that can satisfy most quilters who may not necessarily need a long-arm but wish to advance their quilting. Professional quilters or those with larger budgets, more space, and who aspire to do larger projects, would benefit from a long-arm machine on a quilting frame.

Do Quilting Machines Use Different Needles Than Standard Sewing Machines?

Yes, most quilting machines require a larger, somewhat thicker, and longer needle with a more tapered shape than those used on a standard sewing machine. Always use the required needle on a quilting machine to be sure it can produce high-quality stitches at a fast speed without breaking, dropping stitches, or encountering other problems.

What Is the Best Quilting Machine for A Beginner?

For those who are just learning how to quilt or how to use a sewing machine in general, the best quilting machine to start out with is either a quilting and sewing combo or a short-arm quilting machine. Both of these models will be easy enough for beginners to learn how to quilt on for many years while they perfect their quilting process.

Once a quilter has become comfortable with a standard-sized quilting and/or sewing machine, there are many wonderful, high-quality, feature-full quilting machines they can move up to when the time comes.

What Should I Do If My Thread Keeps Breaking on My Quilting Machine?

There are many reasons why a quilter might experience thread breakage with their quilting machine. Be sure to use fresh thread of a large enough weight for the fabric and with a fresh, sharp needle that is the right size to handle the thickness of the thread. Clean the machine under the needle plate, and the bobbin and bobbin case.

Then re-thread the machine and test the upper tension, as it is easy for the thread to be over-tensioned on quilting machines, and then the bobbin tension. Most thread breakage on quilting machines is due to tension problems. If the problem persists, servicing by an approved repair shop might be required.



What Should I Do If My Quilting Machine Is Skipping Stitches?

The most common cause of skipped stitches with a quilting machine is a dull needle. Using a high-quality needle like a smooth, titanium-coated needle that will resist dulling longer than others is recommended.

Replace the dull needle with a new, sharp one that correctly fits the machine and the thread, make sure it is correctly inserted into the machine, and try again.

If the machine continues to skip stitches, the timing might be off and require resetting by an approved repair shop.

What Important Accessories and Features Should I Get With My Quilting Machine?

When purchasing a quilting machine, some of the most important features to look for are adjustable stitches, feed dogs designed for feeding multiple layers of fabric, feed dogs that disengage, a large bobbin size, a bobbin winder, needle stop control, automatic thread cutters, extra built-in lighting, and some built-in decorative stitches that can make quilting more fun.

Accessories to purchase, if they do not come with the machine, include a walking presser foot, a ¼-inch presser foot, a darning, or free-motion quilting presser foot, and an extension table if not mounting the machine in a sewing cabinet.



What If My Quilting Machine Has A Problem?

Quilting machines should be frequently cleaned and maintained just like any other sewing machine. They can also occasionally develop the same problems that standard sewing machines can. Quilting machines that do not respond to remedies such as cleaning, re-threading, re-tensioning, and other standard methods of resetting the machine should be serviced by a professional sewing machine shop that is approved by the quilting machine manufacturer.

Refer to the machine’s warranty information or contact the manufacturer for guidance on where to get the machine repaired.

How Can I Learn How To Do Machine Quilting?

Before jumping into quilting, it is recommended that a sewist already knows the basics of how to use a standard sewing machine. Anyone who already knows the basics of using their sewing machine can then very easily learn quilting and how to use a more advanced quilting machine.

There are many online resources, including instructional blogs and videos, that teach the different techniques necessary to stitch together a beautiful quilt using any sewing or quilting machine. To learn more about specific quilting machines and how to use them, many quilting machine manufacturers offer free quilting videos or instructional DVDs with their machines.

Additionally, there are many quilt clubs, both online and offline, that quilters can join to learn from more experienced quilters while sharing their hobby with people who love to quilt as much as they do.

Marion Eagan


Great place to deal with; fantastic customer service!

Celena Cruse


I drove 3 hrs to purchase a embroidery machine they had online. (I didn't want to wait for it to ship). Well they sold there last one a few days before, but they sold me something comparable to what I had originally wanted. The price point was still with in my budget. Oh and the machine works like a dream. They were very professional and kind. I will be going back when I am ready to upgrade my long arm.

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Quick shipping, fairly priced, awesome sewing machine. Thank you kindly!

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I recently purchased a Janome mc6500 and I received 5 star treatment from the sale, to communications about shipping, and receipt of a very well packaged machine. The machine was everything I wanted for quilting and sewing. The ruler foot glides on this sewing machine.The service was personal, friendly, professional and most importantly to me immediately responsive. I have since ordered additional accessories with the exact same service. I will not buy from any other sewing machine vendor in the future. Kudos to the entire Sewvac team!
I have been a repeat customer for years now. The "Service with a Smile" thing has not been lost. It lives with Mark and Doug and the rest of their awesome staff. No joke, these people are a pleasure to deal with. I use their Downtown Bryan location. I highly recommend Sew Vac Direct for all your carpet hygiene and sewing needs. For sewing machines and vacuum cleaners, service AFTER the sale is paramount. Do yourself right. Go see 'em.

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I would highly recommend Sew Vac Direct for Janome machines and accessories. Great products, great service, and excellent prices. Thank you, Alan.

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Friendly and prompt service with Dione. Wrong part sent and she immediately replied to my email both by phone and email.

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I received prompt, and helpful answers to questions about my new sewing machine. Hamish, in tech services, was patient and gave clear instructions as he walked me through troubleshooting and solving a problem with my automatic thread trimmer. He saved me hours of frustration! I felt comfortable purchasing my machine online because of the excellent reviews, and my experience has been great! (Special thanks to Hamish, who is a great asset to Sew Vac Direct!)

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Great service!! The parts for my old sewing machines were carefully & securely packaged and arrived quickly! Thank you!!

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Great store, friendly people, with a sense of humor. Helped me choose a Riccar vacuum that puts the old bagless cleaner I had, in the dust! Works much better, just like they told me it would. Jae Dakota



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There is always a good handful of people in the store. They all know what they're talking about. They take the time to make sure I get exactly what I need (usually very inexpensive parts). This store is built around solid customer service and high quality equipment.

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Great customer service. Been buying from them for years.
My over 30 year old sewing machine locked up right in the middle of making cloth masks. Placed an order from here and requested fastest shipping and that I was willing to pay for it. They got right back to me and were very honest that shipping right now has no guarantee on delivery time and that I could pay a lot extra and still not receive it any sooner. But they did process and ship out my new machine that day (instead of the 2 to 3 business day processing time) with FEDEX showing that I should receive it Monday which is 3 days after ordering. Bless this company THANK YOU

iam metcash


Purchased the Bernette b70 for a holiday gift from these guys when they were still sew vac in Dec of 22. Fast forward to January 1st and the Creator 9 Software ($1200!) is now included with the $1700 b70 Embroidery ONLY machine and the more expensive b79 until the EOM or while supplies lasted. It was weeks under the 30 day purchase and even so, the return window for PS purchases was lengthened for holiday purchases, which is also sweet. I’m sure you can imagine that is a sweet deal, and a no brainer to have that software included! So I call PS and Speak with Alan. I explain my logic then ask him to look at it from his consumer side, not a business, lol. Then proceeded to let him know the details. He confirms the purchase/date, and then says to me, “so, you, want the software”? I’m like, yeah?, if you can do it, and you are an authorized reseller who is offering this sweet deal! He says “I see you received the embroidery starter kit special”. I said yes. , He tells me, let me add up those items, check it out and I will call you back. He must have confirmed it immediately because I kid you not, within probably 30 minutes I refresh their web page, and BAM there is the SPECIAL!! As someone who hosts and designs web-sites, it takes about 2 minutes to what was done, which was take an existing JPEG, create another column/space, past the pic, the new description (emailed by my clients, then THIER mistake if its incorrect) paste that, add a pic of the Software, and BAM, finished! So I TOLD THEM, before Bernina! Alan calls me back, I say i see you updated the website so i guess you are including it? He says “Its your lucky day. The total for the items is $185. So I will sell you Creator 9 for the $185. We do not have it in stock, but as soon as it is in we'll send it out" Well THAT was a NO BRAINER and VERY awesome! SO, anyone who says that PS does not do what they can for customers, needs to read below and give as much. Oh, and this was not walk-in, I live on the east coast! It was early, and only like 3 days! Free shipping! AFTER I read below from their site, and became educated, THAT is what made me call and explain my dilemma. And I am glad I did. I will always compare prices HERE with anywhere else I shop for quilting and embroidery stuff, and if they are even CLOSE in price, or a bit more I will buy from them. I KNOW that customer service, calling a business or even being ABLE to call a business and speak to someone directly is DYING!!! I am not saying Amazon or Wal-Mart or even ebay won’t call you after you request a call, but you are NOT calling them and getting a “Hello”. So I will close with this. Any “mom & pop” shop that didn’t adapt and hasn’t been run out of business due to online or big box stores, is NOT still in business because they SUCK!! You know why they are still here, and I just gave you another GREAT reason. Below is SEVEN more. Thanks Alan! You the man! Why Buy From Us 1. We appreciate you, the customer, and we always treat our customers with the greatest consideration and courtesy. 2. We'll be here tomorrow. Our business has been headquartered in Bryan/College Station, Texas for over twenty-five years. We are one of the largest dealers in the USA. 3. We'll do our best to remedy any problem you might have with a purchase. We are old fashioned; we believe we have an obligation to you if you purchase from us...............

Richard Griebe


Sew Vac Direct carries the Horn line of sewing cabinets that we were interested in buying. After shopping around and getting quotes from local dealers, we ordered a model 5280 from this company. While it took a couple of weeks to get the item shipped, it arrived via FedEx in very well padded and protected boxes. Instead of having to transport a very heavy piece of furniture home from the local dealer and pay shipping costs, it was delivered "free" to my garage. In addition to the delivery convenience, I paid a far lower price than anywhere I looked and had the pleasant experience of dealing with helpful and friendly folks at Sew Vac. My wife was reluctant to buy an expensive piece of "furniture" on the internet but this is a new age with hard-working people like the Sew Vac staff who are dedicated to growing their online business by providing great prices and wonderful service.



Very quick! Within 45 minutes of my order I recieved an email saying order shipped with tracking info, that was Friday 5/22 and Memorial Day weekend. I recieved my order this morning Tuesday 5/26! Thank you!!



I bought my sewing machine from this company a few years ago, and last week it started having problems. I got in touch with the company to see if it was still under warranty. Hamish, their technician, called me the very next day to confirm that it was, and gave me instructions to send the machine in for repairs. Only a day after my machine arrived at their shop, Hamish called to let me know it had been fixed and that he was already shipping it back to me. A turn-around time of less than a week and I'm already back to sewing! My machine works like new. Thank you Hamish and the team at Sew Vac Direct! To anyone buying a sewing machine: save the original packaging and spring for the extended warranty. You will thank yourself later!

Deanna Pierce


Love this place always willing to help me and support my embroidery needs

Molly Lebowitz


This place has EXCELLENT customer service. I live out of state and ordered a machine through, but it was supplied from Sew Vac Direct. When there was an issue w/ the machine, the store called me within minutes and tried to talk me through the fix. When it got over my head mechanically, they offered free shipping to get it back, quickly repaired and then expedited shipping back to me - with great communications along the way. Can't thank them enough! Especially Hamish! Wonderful service.

Erin Armstrong


Had a wonderful experience buying from Sew Vac Direct. After much research I decided on one of their shiny Bernette sergers and I couldn't be happier. It shipped out quickly, and arrived in perfect condition. Shop local!

Jame McCall


I called and was helped by a very kind lady. I bought two machines the Juki 2010Q and the Juki 650. I have LOVED the Juki 2010Q SO MUCH that I have not really used the 650 yet. I am so happy with the way everything was handled and want to thank you for your expertise and professionalism. I could have purchased the 2010Q in town for 500 dollars more than I paid with you. SO expertise, professionalism and BEST deal I could have hoped for. Thank you. Jame Mccall

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Received a new Juki HZL-F300 for my birthday from Sew Vac Direct and was thrilled. About week two there was a problem with the foot pedal so I called for help. I spoke with a real person, who knew what he was talking about and ultimately he decided to have a new pedal shipped to me. It arrived less than a week after my call and now my machine works beautifully. I am so impressed by not only the prices but more importantly, the excellent customer service that is so hard to come by these days. I will definitely recommend them to a friend and continue as a royal customer!